The future of digital onboarding is here

An integration between two of pbDigital’s software platforms makes it possible for financial institutions to digitally onboard customers in record time. A recent integration between SignFlow and pbVerify has created a platform for digitally onboarding customers that is about to change the way credit is granted –in terms of risk management, compliance and convenience. Although pbVerify has offered digital onboarding … Read More

SignFlow engineers terminate menacing Bitcoin virus

A dangerous Bitcoin-mining virus has been detected and disabled by two of our IT experts. A potentially devastating Bitcoin-mining virus has been stopped in its tracks, thanks to the vigilance and quick actions of SignFlow (a PBSA brand) engineers William Vermaak and Morne Wilken. Vermaak and Wilken detected malicious activity on one of their customer’s servers last week, immediately analysed … Read More

SA experts stop bitcoin virus

Published by IT-Online on 17 October 2017 A dangerous Bitcoin-mining virus has been detected and disabled by two Johannesburg-based IT experts. White hat ethical hacker William Vermaak, from PBSA’s digital arm pbDigital, and senior software developer Morne Wilken, detected malicious activity on one of their customer’s servers last week. The two immediately analysed the source of the virus and uninfected … Read More

SignFlow ties up with Accfin to digitise accounting processes

The integration of two state-of-the-art software platforms transports the accounting profession into a new world of digitisation. Digital signature workflow solution SignFlow and accounting software firm Accfin have integrated their respective software platforms, in a move that places the accounting profession securely in a new and exciting world of digitisation. Accfin, a local software firm leading the way in automation … Read More

Draftworx, SignFlow integration yields SA first

A recent partnership between the two software platforms brings a cutting-edge automation solution to the accounting and auditing industry. In a move that has seen the birth of cutting-edge technology – the first of its kind in South Africa – SignFlow has partnered with Draftworx, addressing a critical need identified among auditors and corporate companies that draft financial statements. Draftworx … Read More

FICA compliance made easy

SA’s leading data bureau gives businesses the key to pain-free compliance. Although the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) came into effect almost a decade and a half ago, it is as relevant today as the day it was conceived. Instituted in 2003 to curb financial crimes, such as money laundering, tax evasion, and terrorist financing activities, FICA is a law … Read More

Portfolios feature aids POPI, FICA compliance

SignFlow’s secure multi-document portal, Portfolios, offers businesses a reliable means of complying with stringent regulations. There are two well-known and much-publicised Acts that make South African businesses shudder in their shoes – the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) of 2001 and the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act of 2013. The two pieces of legislation have much in common. To … Read More

Who says nothing in life is free?

SignFlow is giving all new and existing SignFree users three FREE workflows. When we created SignFree, the only digital signature platform worldwide with a totally free, fully functional interface that doesn’t expire, we told you it was free – and always would be. Great news, right? Well, it just got better. Stepping it up a notch, SignFlow is now giving … Read More