Top 10 reasons your business should go paperless

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The benefits of digitising business processes – both internal and external – are too significant for the move to paperless to be overlooked. Business has undergone huge changes over the past couple of decades, on account of rapid advances in technology and the industry requirements they trigger. Businesses are in a constant state of flux, having to improvise, adapt and … Read More

HR Headaches? We have the remedy

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SigniFlow’s Portfolios feature allows businesses to fully digitise historically paper-heavy processes, from A to Z, enabling a paperless and efficient unit, and happy, stress-free HR managers. If you are an HR professional, you know this picture all too well: mountains of paperwork, much of which has spilled over from your in- and out-trays onto your desk, where it waits – … Read More

Paperless business – Minimising your carbon footprint

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Using digital signatures and supporting a paperless business model demonstrates that you as a company are environmentally aware, and willing to employ solutions to protect the ecosystem. There is a marked increase in awareness around environmental issues today, including much greater expectations and pressure on companies to be responsible when it comes to their carbon footprint. This awareness spike is … Read More