Why Partner with SigniFlow?

While nobody is going to hold our hand or build, market and sell our product for us, partners can be huge assets in terms of amplifying our reach and message and broadening our addressable market. Of course, we know you will only do this if there’s something in it for you as well, be it in the form of a revenue sharing programme or some other less tangible benefit.

At SigniFlow we provide a wide range of companies the opportunity to help us achieve our goals and yours, by reselling the SigniFlow platform to extend our reach in an ever-growing market driven by electronic signing, digital identity and secure documents.

Here’s how a partner programme works at SigniFlow:

Introducer partners – a low-touch partnership, where you might recommend our product and company generally to your customers, when it makes sense and in exchange for commission remuneration, either per lead or per sale.

Referral partners – they pass leads to you in exchange for commission remuneration, either per lead or per sale.

Business Partners – a high-value relationship, working together for common goals (not necessarily revenue-share incentives) and aligned around the same values and messaging. Whichever type of partner programme and relationship you seek out, the important thing is that it has to be a partnership, meaning both sides get value out of the relationship, in either tangivle or non-tangible forms.

As a partner, SigniFlow offers highly scalable cloud-based identity and security solutions to meet your customers’ demands.

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