Paperless business – Minimising your carbon footprint

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Using digital signatures and supporting a paperless business model demonstrates that you as a company are environmentally aware, and willing to employ solutions to protect the ecosystem. There is a marked increase in awareness around environmental issues today, including much greater expectations and pressure on companies to be responsible when it comes to their carbon footprint. This awareness spike is … Read More

Top ten benefits of digital signatures

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Top Ten Benefits of Digital Signatures in the UK

We have compiled a list of the main benefits we’ve seen from companies that have implemented digital signature solutions.  The technology we have at our disposal today makes for exciting times, with ever-evolving digital tools drastically changing the way business is done. As an international provider of digital solutions, SigniFlow is grateful to be at the forefront of this exciting … Read More

E-Invoicing in the spotlight

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Over 50 countries across the world are looking into implementing e-invoicing systems, thanks to the advantages of true electronic billing and invoicing. Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) was brought under the microscope in the United Kingdom in 2014 after the UK Government launched an inquiry into e-invoicing in the public sector, and announced e-invoicing initiatives to be rolled out by April 2019. At … Read More