Electronic vs Digital Signatures: Defining the Difference

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“Electronic” and “digital” are often used as interchangeable prefixes to the word “signature” – but there are vast differences between the two. We are all familiar with, and have at some stage in our daily goings-on, dealt with the traditional “wet-ink” signature. In today’s digitally-charged world, however, this is fast becoming obsolete as more secure, efficient means of signing documents … Read More

Top ten benefits of digital signatures

SigniFlowElectronic Signatures

Top Ten Benefits of Digital Signatures in the UK

We have compiled a list of the main benefits we’ve seen from companies that have implemented digital signature solutions.  The technology we have at our disposal today makes for exciting times, with ever-evolving digital tools drastically changing the way business is done. As an international provider of digital solutions, SigniFlow is grateful to be at the forefront of this exciting … Read More