Top 10 reasons your business should go paperless

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The benefits of digitising business processes – both internal and external – are too significant for the move to paperless to be overlooked. Business has undergone huge changes over the past couple of decades, on account of rapid advances in technology and the industry requirements they trigger. Businesses are in a constant state of flux, having to improvise, adapt and … Read More

Digital transformation in the education sector

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Technology has long been filtering into educational institutions, but the current pandemic has escalated digital transformation beyond previously imagined bounds. The education sector has gradually been integrating technology into the curriculum for over two decades now. However, with the current pandemic, we have seen a blanket reform of the way kids are learning. Digital transformation has become more than just … Read More

Electronic vs Digital Signatures: Defining the Difference

SigniFlowElectronic Signatures

“Electronic” and “digital” are often used as interchangeable prefixes to the word “signature” – but there are vast differences between the two. We are all familiar with, and have at some stage in our daily goings-on, dealt with the traditional “wet-ink” signature. In today’s digitally-charged world, however, this is fast becoming obsolete as more secure, efficient means of signing documents … Read More

Working from home? Sign from home – SigniFlow fully digitises the home office


At a time when it seems things are spinning out of control, you don’t have to lose control of your business. SigniFlow software offers a fully digital, remote business continuity solution. Business and its workforce as we know it, has changed – suddenly and earth-shatteringly, across the globe. The COVID-19 virus has forced countless individuals – from executive level, down … Read More