Comprehensive Business Process Automation (BPA) Toolset.


Control your customer's first impressions of your business.

AppFlow not only digitises your on-boarding process, it also injects intelligence into the process. Agreements and applications for credit often require data that was provided by the customer to be manually captured. This takes time and resources, and is often prone to errors.

Automated data verification

AppFlow eradicates human errors and increases process efficiencies by providing beautiful customer-facing forms that plug into data sources, which automatically populate and verify input data as it is entered.

Automated document composition

While the customer fills in your form and makes choices - such as how much credit they require or which products they are interested in buying - the system looks at predefined rules, which are linked to stored sets of contract data, and silently compiles a customer-specific contract that is ready for signing as soon as the customer hits "Submit".

A PDF is automatically created, using your business letterhead and stored template formats, resulting in a beautifully designed agreement that contains all the necessary customer data and contract terms and conditions, ready for signing.

Automated online digital signature workflows

During the on-boarding process, the customer specifies who is authorised to sign the agreement (one person, or many). This information, together with the .pdf agreement, is automatically uploaded to SigniFlow and an online signature workflow is created.

While in circulation, Admin and Sales personnel receive live progress notifications.

AppFlow Back Office

The AppFlow Back Office is built and branded according to your specific requirements. When your Admin or Sales personnel log in, they can track the progress of applications and engage with customers. They have the ability to move customers between predefined workflow baskets and perform additional checks.

Automated KYC (Know Your Customer)

Depending where you are in the world, AppFlow makes customer vetting and compliance to KYC regulations a breeze. AppFlow seamlessly integrates with Credit Bureaux to automate your KYC and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) vetting processes.

AppFlow Digital On-boarding Process Diagram
AppFlow for business


AppFlow, SigniFlow and DocFlow are all fully integrated with one another to ensure the ultimate flow of information.

Our product suite is a true Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) that utilises the latest in simple, RESTful architectural APIs with OpenID, SAML and other Single Sign-on standards, promoting a user-friendly ecosystem that flows together.


Created by SigniFlow engineers, DocFlow is an integrated extension of SigniFlow workflows.

DocFlow seamlessly takes care of the A to Z when it comes to the automation of business processes. Once a business process is mapped, simply create input and output rule-based folders in DocFlow to manage the flow of data and documents from the initial input to the ultimate archiving destination.

Based on pre-configured process workflow rules and security-based user roles, DocFlow manages the workflow of all your documents through automated and controlled digital processes.

DocFlow utilises the SigniFlow workflow and digital signature signing capabilities to ensure processes that require documents to be signed, can be automated and remain fully digital, with no break-out into paper.

Set up your file plan

Link physical paper documents that are kept in your filing rooms or cabinets, or at your branches, to digital records in DocFlow. Manage physical documents that are in transit, ensuring that what was sent from location A, is exactly what arrived at the intended destination.

Process of DocFlow

Configuration Options

  • Index and auto index
  • Set statuses
  • Set security roles
  • Create, insert or print barcodes
  • Save templates
  • Create workflows
  • Set document check-in/out rules
  • Set document collection rules
  • Create meta match rules
  • Import/export data and meta data
  • Integrate with ERP systems and document libraries
DocFlow by SigniFlow

If cutting down on costs associated with paper, print and document distribution is something you've been thinking about, then this is a no-brainer. SigniFlow turns expensive paper-based processes into efficient and cost-effective digital workflow transactions.