Hybrid Servers



SigniFlow launched its first open-enterprise on-premise SigniFlow Hybrid Server in 2017, in response to the need for enterprise-level businesses’ need to have maximum control over highly sensitive documents, where international legislation is involved.

The term ‘Hybrid’refers to the combination of technology our solution employs – a dedicated hosted server, virtualisation technology and cloud-based cryptography.

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Hybrid Customisation 

Image SigniFlow Cloud and On-premise Solution
SigniFlow offers bespoke solutions that cater to the specific needs of businesses of all types and sizes.

Although often referred to as an on-premise solution, the SigniFlow Hybrid server is at home in a private server room or data centre, as well as in any hosted environment (private or public-cloud) and in a secure cloud services platform, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

  • Customisation

    Our Hybrid Servers offer the ultimate customisation, rebranding, enterprise information control, and an unrivalled bespoke integration landscape.

  • Technology

    Our solution is a native cloud application that uses cloud computing frameworks and network-attached Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to perform cryptographic signature operations.

  • Flexibility

    Although originally built for the enterprise, we realised our Hybrid Server solution needed to be more flexible and scalable, to cater to medium – and even smaller – businesses.

How it works


The new SigniFlow Hybrid Server range consist of five new licences, the NANO-50, MEGA-250, TERA-500, PETA-1000 and the exciting new document-based open-enterprise license, the EXA-OPEN.

  • NANO-50

    • Single-tenant Hybrid
    • Caters for up to 50 users
    • Unlimited documents & signatures

  • MEGA-250

    • Caters for up to 250 users
    • Unlimited documents & signatures
    • Fully scalable & upgradeable licence plans

  • TERA-500

    • Caters for up to 500 users
    • Unlimited documents & signatures
    • Fully scalable & upgradeable licence plans

  • PETA-1000

    • Caters for up to 1 000 users
    • Unlimited documents & signatures
    • Fully scalable & upgradeable licence plans


    • A new approach to enterprise licensing
    • Documents (with any number of signatories) are bought in packs, ranging from 1 000 to 400 000 documents per pack
    • Incredibly low rates per document
    • Ideal for customers with document volumes above 100 000 per year.


Open-enterprise License

We are unrivalled in the large enterprise space with our new open-enterprise license models. If you have 1000's of users processing 1000's of documents per day, we let go of traditional licensing models and work with you to design your own license, removing all limitations and boundaries.