Digital Signing Service (DSS)

Making Digital Signatures Easy Using Trusted Technology.


The highest levels of digital compliance for trusted digital signatures just became even easier with SigniFlow and DSS.

SigniFlow, leading digital signature workflow software by business automation company PBSA, has been successfully replacing wetink signatures with legally admissible and compliant advanced digital signatures, which use AATL certificates from GlobalSign, since 2015. Now, with the introduction of GlobalSign DSS (Digital Signing Service), this already highly secure certificate-based digital signing process has been taken up a notch, and is not only easier to deploy, but also available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product – with the same levels of trust that users are accustomed to.

As an effective workflow creation tool that allows for all types of approvals and eSigning scenarios, SigniFlow only uses true digital signature technologies, meaning that every signature on an electronic document signed with SigniFlow, is a digital signature that carries the unique X.509 cryptographic properties uniquely linked to the signatory – and to the data – and is signed in such a way that any subsequent change to the data document is detectable.

There are countless signing solutions around the world that offer the superficial method of electronic signing. What SigniFlow and GlobalSign offers, is a true cryptographic digital signature solution that complies with international standards, giving the highest levels of assurance.

SigniFlow GlobalSign Digital Signing Service

What does DSS bring to the table?

SigniFlow is fully integrated with GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service (DSS), an incorporation that takes SigniFlow’s existing trusted signing solution to new heights when it comes to enhanced features and ease of deployment.

• DSS simplifies things. With traditional personal certificate-based signing, operations require either on-premise PKI (hardware), cloud-based PKI, such as SigniFlow Cloud, Azure Key Vault or AWS Key Management Services. DSS removes the need to have any of these, as GlobalSign takes care of all cryptographic operations and PKI.

• DSS is cost-effective. This solution is based on a per-transaction usage model, meaning you only pay per transaction, as-and-when needed.

• Hassle-free certificate lifecycle management. With the SigniFlow DSS solution, there is no need to renew certificates and pay for a licence annually, all of that is taken care of.

• DSS is scalable. This is an enterprise-grade solution that can seamlessly process a large increase in users, workload or transactions.

• DSS is easy to deploy. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, deployment of SigniFlow DSS has less friction and greatly reduced project times when compared to conventional certificate-based deployments. SigniFlow DSS is also far more agile and scalable to suit changing business demands.

• DSS eliminates the need for hardware & PKI expertise. No PKI hardware needed and no PKI expertise needed, SigniFlow DSS takes care of the heavy lifting – while customers take care of their business.

• DSS offers long-term validation. Every SigniFlow DSS digital signature is automatically time-stamped by GlobalSign TSA (Timestamp Authority), ensuring long-term validation of the signature, even after the certificate has expired.


  • Purpose built for integration:

    Above all, and what differentiates SigniFlow from its competitors, is the fact that the system was built for enterprise integrations. The SigniFlow service-oriented architecture (SOA) features a host of micro-services designed to seamlessly integrate with any web-enabled application, eliminating the need to present the user with another application screen – whether integrated with SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft O365, Sharepoint or any enterprise service bus (ESB).

  • Trusted technology:

    SigniFlow is a core workflow and cryptographic digital signature engine that uses only the most advanced and trusted digital signature technologies available.

  • Automation:

    SigniFlow brings powerful workflow functionality and ease of document distribution to automate any business process.

  • Unsurpassed support & expertise:

    SigniFlow and GlobalSign has a team of cryptographic experts, experienced engineers and business process automation architects to assist businesses in going digital.

  • Interoperability:

    SigniFlow DSS is available almost anywhere in the world as SaaS, on-premise, self-hosted or as a publicly hosted solution, comfortably running in AWS, Azure on the latest service fabric.