HR Headaches? We have the remedy

SigniFlow’s Portfolios feature allows businesses to fully digitise historically paper-heavy processes, from A to Z, enabling a paperless and efficient unit, and happy, stress-free HR managers. If you are an HR professional, you know this picture all too well: mountains of paperwork, much of which has spilled over from your in- and out-trays onto your desk, where it waits – stained with coffee cup rings – to be completed and filed…if you could only find the time. That is, unless yours is one of the forward-thinking businesses that has gone paperless, and whose Human Resources departments are enjoying a 35% reduction in the time previously spent on admin*. The HR department is the heart of a business, being the unit looks after its number one asset – its employees. But it is also notoriously the most paper laden. Most HR functions include substantial record-keeping and documentation, from the onboarding of … Read More

Digital transformation in the face of fear

A lot of the trepidation around digital transformation comes from misnomers & misunderstandings around what it is. We shed some light & offer professional tips to help make the process more doable than daunting. Whether it’s because you don’t feel ready for disruption, don’t know how worthwhile it is for your business, or you’ve actually tried digital transformation before and failed, you are not alone in your fear of it. IT experts regard digital transformation (also referred to as DT or DX) as an absolute necessity, given the globalisation and mobility that underpins modern-day business. But, despite digital transformation being a vital part of companies’ future, many are resistant to it. Change can be scary. Digitalisation is new, daunting and often not seen by businesses as a necessity – and so put on the backburner or pushed to the curb entirely. Undoubtedly, much of this fear factor stems from misnomers, … Read More