HR Headaches? We have the remedy

SigniFlow’s Portfolios feature allows businesses to fully digitise historically paper-heavy processes, from A to Z, enabling a paperless and efficient unit, and happy, stress-free HR managers. If you are an HR professional, you know this picture all too well: mountains of paperwork, much of which has spilled over from your in- and out-trays onto your desk, where it waits – stained with coffee cup rings – to be completed and filed…if you could only find the time. That is, unless yours is one of the forward-thinking businesses that has gone paperless, and whose Human Resources departments are enjoying a 35% reduction in the time previously spent on admin*. The HR department is the heart of a business, being the unit looks after its number one asset – its employees. But it is also notoriously the most paper laden. Most HR functions include substantial record-keeping and documentation, from the onboarding of … Read More