What is cloud computing?

Cloud symbols are in fact used to represent the internet in diagrams as it connects to users all over the world.  Cloud computing is a way we share resources, software and information through a network in most cases through the internet.  Cloud computing can seem quite confusing but it is simply split up into three main categories of  cloud computing services.  SaaS – Software as a Service, an example is Microsoft 365 .

What SigniFlow offers

SigniFlow delivers enterprise-grade on-premise, private cloud and cloud solutions (SaaS) with a high level of integration, allowing companies to customise the solution to suit both their specific needs and their budgets. The solution provides legally valid digital signatures (cryptographic e-signing) and accepts digital certificates from almost any e-identity provider, publicly trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs) and privately signed public key infrastructures (PKIs).


SigniFlow Event Handler


The SignFlow Event Handler is a custom SOAP web service that can be implemented in client environment, SigniFLow Core will notify the Event handler of all events that fire from the Core, these events can then be handled to achieve custom integration with the SigniFlow API, in-house systems and additional cloud environments.


How can cloud computing make work easier?

Cloud computing services includes cloud hosting as well as servers.  The easiest way to understand the full workings of cloud computing is to separate it into two sections being, front end  and back end.  These two sections are connected to each other through networks in most cases the internet.

The front end is normally the computer user or the client, the back end of the system is the cloud section of the system.

SigniFlow is available as a native cloud solution with all the advantages that cloud computing has to offer, like rapid deployment with a minimal impact on IT infrastructure.
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SigniFlow is available in

  • Cloud

    Cloud SaaS with cloud PKI.

  • Hybrid

    On-premise Hybrid with cloud PKI.

  • Enterprise Hybrid

    Enterprise hosted Hybrid with cloud or in-country PKI.

  • Private Network

    On-premise Private Network with on-premise PKI.

  • Certificate Authority

    In-Country Certificate Authority (CA) Tenant.