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    In a sector that is expected to do more for less, we help accelerate service delivery for Government agencies.

    The Digital Goverment

    With a constant drive for change and transformation, it is no wonder Government agencies are feeling a little ‘change fatigued’.

    It is a constant drive for change, one project after the other. And with some research indicating that around 60% of change fails, motivation is sometimes hard to find.

    So how do we address this? We need a mind shift away from Change Management to a much more Agile change approach. We need to equip people with the thinking that they do not only need to cope with change, but rather that they embrace it and ultimately drive it.

    Changing Landscape

    Governments across the world are changing the way they think and the manner in which they operate. With a growing population comes the increased demand for faster, better service delivery. Most of the time at the same budget.

    The Digital Government is the one that gets the job done. Citizens are better equipped with IT, internet, chat platforms and smart devices than ever before. Let's use it.

    SigniFlow was built to automate and digitise service delivery to the digital citizen. We understand the challenges that Government face and the  complexities of public service delivery.

    In the spotlight

    With a proud history extending as far back as 1934, MINTEK has become a leading provider of minerals processing and metallurgical engineering products and services to industries world-wide.

    As an organisation with continuous commitment and focus on innovation, research and development, MINTEK, like many other state owned enterprises, face the challenges of digital transformation. Addressing the people element in terms of change management and the need to adapt effectively and efficiently, were identified as top priorities.

    With a complex data environment, MINTEK needed a solution that would seamlessly slot into their landscape to optimise digital workflow processes and improve efficiencies.

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    SigniFlow Government - Mintek

    A story of success.
    MINTEK utilises SigniFlow Hybrid technology to digitise critical workflow processes. Trusted digital signatures and auditable approvals are integrated with their online Microsoft SharePoint websites to ensure full accountability and compliance.

    With SigniFlow, MINTEK improved turnaround times for approvals and record keeping, further affirming their position as one of the worlds leading specialised technology organisations.

    Technology stack

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    Find out what we can do for you, talk to us.

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